En Plein Aérer is Painting on Location

Kaupo Mango Tree

Acrylic on linen panel, 22x30

    Wow, talk about misquotes, this place had more than it's share. The painting took three days, the tree was down in a little protected valley, out of the wind on Piero's land next to the Kaupo Store.

   Kaupo doesn't have many lush trees, but here it was. An artist should always be prepared, and this was the place for it. A couple of apples, a few granola bars and water. I painted in acrylics this time just so I would have plenty of water. Naturally the whole background went in before I even started painting the tree. I use white chalk to draw over the dried background, brush it off with a feather before applying the over paint. Sorry for the low res image.

Kaupo Maui Mango Tree, Acrylic

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