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"En Plein Air is Painting on Location"

Tom's House in Nahiku

Maui, 22x30 Acrylic

72.htm, It took two weeks to paint this painting, the fact that it rains so often there made it a little more difficult.  All the foreground foliage had to be drawn in so I could paint the house. Than the foliage had to have it's edges cleaned up with white.  It takes two coats of white to cover a color, it's not like the old days with lead white in oils.  That means the window panes wood had to be lined in twice before the final color was applied.

In my course Perspective Section, I have explained lineal perspective with four vanishing points, anyone can do it.

The owner of this painting lives on Maui.

Tom's House in Nahiku, 22x30, Acrylic

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