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Title: Real Color Wheel, download
Post by Admin on Sep 18th, 2003 at 4:58am
Download the Real Color Wheel.

This is just a small 72 ppi image, jpg.
It shows real complements on the computer screen only. It has a different gamut of color then the printer uses.
Here is the RGB in a table of numbers

Here is a 5"x5" RCW for a high quality CMYK print out at 150dpi. (5 minute download on dial-up)

Here is the brochure and RCW back copy only.

How would you like a 32x32 canvas giclee of the RCW for $150?
Subject Line = $150 32x32 RCW from PoL Forum
This saves you $100, it's printed on canvas and costs $100 less than a Kinko laminated paper print.

Don't miss this url matching tube colors to the RCW.

The full Real Color Wheel Painting on Location Course site is on CD for $35 and includes the CMTK laminated 5x5 inch Real Color Wheel with all matching pigments printed on the back. It's nice to work and not have to be online. The CD is fast.

This link (also in the course) is to an interactive RCW describing all the colors.

Link to opposition (complement) colors.

Here is a link to my site tree and full online color course. Just like the CD.
It's really nice to know what colors neutralize any color you see. Shade any color naturally with out adding black pigment.

Pigments with the RCW numbers to match the sections on the wheel.

How and why the RCW color wheel works.
Take the red tomato and it's shade/shadow color. In omnipresent lighting, in the shade lighting or in bright sunlight, daylight will give these results. The shadow color is always the opposite of the local color. The shadow color of a red tomato is cyan, red and cyan mix a neutral dark, that's the basis of the tomato's shadow. Other colors may influence it by their approximation or reflection but that will not change the basic shadow color.

Red and green, opposites on the incorrect Red-Yellow-Blue color wheel on the other hand mix brown, not a neutral dark. Green's true opposition is magenta.

This color wheel is based on, Elements=Crystals=Pigment because crushed crystals are pigments, elements represent color.

As in crystals, yellow is light brown. Do you have any pigment colors that duel-tone in this fashion? It's not that important if you don't, just know that brown (dark yellow) and ultramarine blue are opposites that represent the yellow and blue opposition. Primary cyan gets darker by adding magenta which makes ultramarine blue, the darker color of the primary color cyan. <br><br>The sun when it is bright yellow light has blue shadows, when it's red it has dark cyan shadows. Both are complementary sets of colors.

For all the crystal and elements that make colors go here.

Title: Re: Real Color Wheel,
Post by Admin on Nov 16th, 2004 at 9:53am
I made a new size for teachers to use. It's 32x32 and can be printed at Kinko's.
The pdf file is on the CD I sell that includes the whole color course.

Title: Re: Real Color Wheel, download
Post by cmkumar2k on May 27th, 2005 at 4:04am
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hats off for you incredible work :)

Title: Re: Real Color Wheel, download
Post by Admin on May 27th, 2005 at 4:15am
Thank you, I'm glad I could do it.

Here is a png image for photographers, it has no locating pigment placement dots.
This image can be downloaded directly and printed. But first some changes have to be made. Right now the image is a png, 72dpi at 11"x11". This has to be changed to 300dpi at 6"x6".

The image was originally made in CMYK then changed to an RGB. Now it has to be changed back to a CMYK for your printer.

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