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Message started by Admin on Mar 22nd, 2004 at 1:48pm

Title: Paint Fox
Post by Admin on Mar 22nd, 2004 at 1:48pm
We had a ten year old over to the house this weekend.  It was a short visit, but he got to see things of tremendous interest among which were: an anti-evil-eye amulet; a cow bell; a mother-of-pearl fish bottle opener; a frog stabber.  He got to prowl around a bit on his own, too, while the grown-ups visited.  I am always happy when there is someone here who can appreciate my bug collection.

I have that same need to see new things all the time.   So it was with great enthusiasm we made a trip beyond the walls of Paris with Quentin and his dog -- up to the beach.

Dogs were in force by the sea.  Before the 31 March, dogs can run freely on the beach in Trouville.  There were four dogs inside the restaurant as well.  A big-bad-wolf (black), a liver spotted griffon, and another poodle besides Blackie.  All were completely civilized.

Quentin and I split a large seafood platter for our appetizer, with drinks.  There were clams, oysters, bulots (sea snails), a crab, shrimp, and langoustines, resting on a bed of ice and seaweed.  Blair had the whisky-fried shrimp, before we all started lunch.  After his seafood pot-au-feu, and our big bowls of mussels, washed down with two bottles of wine, we had to skip dessert and take a nap on the beach.  Lucky we were having an untypically warm spring day.  When we awoke, we could barely see one another on account of fog.

Spring has come, with chestnut trees sprouting their  leaves, and forsythia bright yellow.   I have painted two paintings outside: the daffodils beneath a tree in the Tuileries, and the oldest house in our neighborhood.  It is directly across from a school, and I painted with the screams of recess behind me.  I was surprised when an old fashioned hand held bell called the revelers back to their desks.

My own camellia has been in bloom for some time in our own courtyard (the best feature of our new apartment).  The hyacinths have survived their rocky start to bloom as well.  I jumped the gun in planting, and lost my first round of seeds.  I underestimated the sun that hits the courtyard (there is none yet).  I have installed a mirror to reflect the sky, and am in pursuit of a bird bath for greater reflection.  In the early mornings, we comb the streets before the garbage man, looking for mirrors.

Life seems to be moving very slowly right now, with just a few tourists in town, and projects on hold.  My new year's resolution was to have patience, something I've never been very good at.   I am ready for summer, short sleeves, lush foliage and sun in the streets until 10.

It has been windy this weekend, and the ponies are balking as they carry kids up and down the alley in the Luxembourg gardens.  Like Mary Poppins, I am hoping new ideas will blow in my window.

Laurie (painting and text) and Blair PESSEMIER

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Title: Re: Paint Fox
Post by Admin on Mar 22nd, 2004 at 1:51pm

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