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Message started by Admin on Feb 10th, 2007 at 11:14pm

Title: Why include testimonials? 2007
Post by Admin on Feb 10th, 2007 at 11:14pm
I get a good amount of testimonials but I never have time to update them. I start a testimonial url back in 1997, the last year I updated was 2002.

With this forum I can keep them up to date one at a time :) I completely lost this year.

I appreciate the fact people recognize that this is the only color wheel that has ever worked for artists, and that the color course is useful.

Unsolicited testimonials have a lot of weight for people new to this theory. I would like them to see how, why and where it's used, Plus the other interesting aspects people talk about.

I just uploaded something similar to testimonials, it's articles, reviews and press releases.

Title: color harmonies
Post by Admin on Feb 10th, 2007 at 11:31pm
Thank you again!  I have set out to make many color harmonies in the past few days, and am happy that I'm doing so, correctly!  I do love the full 36 color wheel, and have printed it out to keep in my studio and to take in the field, plus  a few of the color combos that I will use often, hopefully, eventually I'll  memorize all my preferences.
What a relief, to be on a winning track to successful harmonies with the RCW.  The study of art and painting is endless, and this feels like such a valuable piece to the puzzle, once I understand fully, will share with my students.  
Happy painting!

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   From: Don Jusko
   To: Chris and Carole Mayne
   Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 4:47 PM
   Subject: Re: Two questions, 2/9/7, Chris, Don

   Chris and Carole wrote:

>     Dear Don,
>     Thank you for making this in-depth study of the RCW.  I can't imagine why this has eluded me until now!  I've already done some color studies, swatches, and am enjoying this new direction.
>     I just read about the Munsell wheel in Harley Brown's ''Eternal Truths'' book, and the way he utilizes the discords:  ''Choose one dominant color, then two discords, which are equal distance from the color and themselves''.  What I can't find in your informative site, is information about the discords, which gives rise to these questions:

   Hi Carole.
   You know Munsell uses the wrong primaries, right? So that means he has the wrong secondaries also.
   What he calls discords, I call split complements.

>     1.Do I understand correctly that you use an equalateral triangle and count by thirds around the RCW wheel?

   Yes, I start with an equilateral triangle. Each color is one degree in 360 degrees. Each main division of color is ten degrees. That gives me a 36 hue color wheel. Each color has an opposite. An equal number count on each side of the opposite makes the split complement.

>       In Harley's illustration the discord selection seems to go past the colors and makes a smaller distance between the discords--I'm confused!

   His color wheel is lopsided. He has no place for magenta or cyan. It's only today's people backers that are trying to include the cyan and magenta and they can't do it with the 5 or 8 colors Munsell choose. But they keep  trying.. and confusing people.

>     2.  Does using a dash of the compliment  work with an analogous color grouping in the same way as with the RBY wheel?

   It doesn't work with the RBY color wheel, it's primaries and secondaries are wrong. You could never get a neutral using red and green as opposites. Or any other complement set on the RBY color wheel. Any analogous grouping would also be wrong.

   My color wheel is correct, right down to the way each of the 36 colors get darker. Don't confuse the way my colors get darker with the way the computers Yellow, Magenta and cyan color wheel's colors get darker.

   The computer only subtracts light which is equal to adding black pigment. Black pigment effects yellow by turning it greener (cool)  instead of redder (warm), like the Rutile crystal. It effects cyan by making it greener also, I made it bluer, like the Iceland Spar crystal. There are many crystals that match my color wheel (all of them) and they don't match any other color wheel theory. The Real Color Wheel could also be called the Element Color Wheel or the Crystal Color Wheel.

   I think you will like this page, it documents the start of the RBY color wheel. It's a big page, but you should read it all once.

>     Sincerely,
>     Carole

Title: Thanks
Post by Admin on Feb 10th, 2007 at 11:36pm
Hi, Don ...
I discovered your color wheel after doing a Google search.   I am currently only dabbling in graphic design and so will make use of your free
color wheel, but will definitely keep the link to your site so I can get a laminated wheel from you at a later date.   My sister is an artist -- acrylic paints -- and I am sending her the link to your site also.   GREAT site ... lots of helpful, useful info on color!   Thanks so much for your email and fast response to my request.

On 11/10/06, Don Jusko <> wrote:

   Sharon H wrote:

>     Hi, I visit your site to view your EXCELLENT color wheel, and wondered if I might please have the printable file for that wheel?   Thanks in advance!
>     ...Sharon...

Title: Re: Why include testimonials?
Post by Admin on Feb 10th, 2007 at 11:57pm
Hello there :)

Very interesting and informative site you have.  I shall have to try and put aside some serious time go through it in depth and learn some things about colour.  An area I have never known much about (until now! :D)

Would it still be ok to get the printable tif color wheel file?

Many thanks,


Title: Maroger questions
Post by Admin on Feb 11th, 2007 at 12:21am
>>>>> Hi Don!
>>>>> I absolutly LOVE your work, and your site! Thanks for everything!
>>>>                         My pleasure.
>>>>> I have a simple question concerning the article about that wonderful
>>>>> media table of mixed oil, resin and balsam you did.
>>>>> The beeswax we have here in my country (Brazil) are pretty dense and
>>>>> you have to BREAK the thing with a knife or soemthing, in order to get
>>>>> samller chunks. Is this beeswax you are talking about the same kind?
>>>>                         One and the same.
>>>>> Have saying that, you will understand whats my trouble...
>>>>> The Mediums you rated as A+, they have ALL beeswax.
>>>>> How do you MIX the beeswax with the oils? Do you simply mix chuncks of
>>>>> beeswax with the oils? Or do you break into little pieces with a
>>>>> liquifier?
>>>>> Do you boil all together? For how long?
>>>>> I cant understand how the beeswax can be mixed to the oils in a nice
>>>>> smooth liquid.
>>>>                         It's not hard at all. Melt the wax in a double boiler or a pan in the
>>>>                         center of a another pan of water. This will keep the wax from getting
>>>>                         too hot and smoking or catching fire. Heat turpentine the same way and
>>>>                         mix them 50-50. This covered mix will never harden so much that it won't
>>>>                         break down farther with oil or damar with turp. This basic mix is used
>>>>                         in Morogers, wax and damar and wax and oil media. I made up my basic mix
>>>>                         over ten years ago and still have it.
>>>>                         I didn't realize I had not put this info into my site, I added it today
>>>>                         plus more info on the media table.
>>>>                         Don
>>>>> Sorry to bother you with all this, but i really appreciate if you
>>>>> could please teach me that.
>>>>> Alex
>>>>> --
>>>>> Atelie de Pintura - Escola de Desenho

This thread is continued in the Oil Catagory, Marogers.

Title: Re: Why include testimonials? 2007
Post by PaulC on Jan 10th, 2013 at 1:43am
I think what you are doing, by yourself, is amazing.  No other site exists like this and you seem to have answers to many questions which are unrelated to just color and color perception.  It would be a very sad day if this site were to fold- I have been impressed for years and I am a very harsh critic, this site is just a wonderful addition for those who wish to paint, PaulC

Title: Re: Why include testimonials? 2007
Post by Admin on Jan 10th, 2013 at 2:43am
Hi PaulC, thanks for posting. I just finished updating my color wheel site.  
and am working on the All About Color page.
This one is my big baby, everything relating to color. I don't so much worry about the site ever coming down, each DVD I send out can be put on a server and there it is, complete. The copyright for the Real Color Wheel will pass on to my kin. Some day I'll go into printing and advertising and it will grow even bigger, but for now I have a lot of proof reading to do on a very large site.

As far as Testimonials goes, I've been saving them in yearly folders for 10 years now. I'll get to them someday, thanks for reminding me.

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