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Message started by Admin on Jun 8th, 2007 at 7:48pm

Title: Do you teach in person?
Post by Admin on Jun 8th, 2007 at 7:48pm
Linda Sue B. wrote:

> Hi Don,
> I've just discovered a couple pages of your website and I hope you won't be annoyed that I don't read every page before emailing you to ask if you teach in person and where?
> Thank you,
> Linda Sue B.
> Walla Walla, Washington USA

Hi Linda,
I am a self described hermit. I painted on location by myself here on Maui since 1979. All that time I made artist notes on color and techniques of my painting. In 1995 I started transcribing my notes to a computer. A 2 gig hard drive was big back then. It was all about using and mixing color.

From what I came to understand, I painted a color wheel that worked. All my opposite colors mixed to a neutral dark, something that would never happen since the first color wheel by Newton. Later, while still expanding my website about color, I started examining the elements of color.

Science had advanced to separating the elements of color. Photographs from around the world showing the finest crystals of color appeared in libraries. I studied them and noticed the evidence of true oppositions between an elements oxides and their crystals. Like the copper element making a cyan oxide and a red crystal. These oppositions in every case, matched the oppositions in my color wheel.

Taking it one step farther, the crystals darkened the same way I darkened my color wheel. Yellow to red colors turned brown, cyan to blue colors turned blue. Wow.. I had proof that my color wheel was not just made up, nature was doing the same thing all along. The problem was in seeing the relationships. Cyan and magenta were never considered primary pigments right up to the time of my color wheel. Yes, the printing process used magenta, cyan, yellow and black but because the yellow was opaque it would never make a good black without adding black. Painting was different.. My color wheel was based on all transparent colors, something that was not possible 60 years ago. Today we have the best colors available, ever. The Real Color Wheel is the real thing.

Painting on location from life will always be the best form of learning. Like Doerner said, "You can't learn painting from a book anymore then you can learn to swim on a couch.  But you can learn how to mix the colors and shadows you see using this new color wheel. It's a natural.

Now, I'm 66 years old and just want to continue painting. I paint and add the new painting with it's painting techniques to my site. This way I can pass the information along and still paint. The free website and the CD's and DVD's I sell guarantee that my information won't be lost. Currently the site is getting 1.9M hits per month. More then I could ever reach in person.

So I would say I won't be teaching groups in person, but I don't mind one on one on location. I'm still painting alone but can help one person on one painting. I could never pass on everything, the CD would still be required reading.

My next planned DVD will be about my color wheel. The biggest problem is time, right now I have a plotter to print my painting on canvas using the same pigments I paint with. I don't know if this is my best move, it does take time away from painting.

Thanks for asking about me.

Aloha from Maui,
Don Jusko Lahaina Giclee
840 Wainee St. E-8
Lahaina - Maui
Hawaii 96761

Title: Re: Do you teach in person?
Post by Admin on Feb 6th, 2013 at 11:44am
Since 2007 I taught adult groups twice and children twice. Each time the most important thing was to paint a full color wheel using only the 3 transparent primaries.
Since 2007 I made a transparent yellow from Tartrazine PY100. This pigment is still unavailable today, 2-6-13, in tubes but I made it for my plotter ink-jet, water colors and acrylic paint.

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