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Message started by Admin on Dec 2nd, 2009 at 4:28am

Title: RCW Color Books
Post by Admin on Dec 2nd, 2009 at 4:28am
This is a CMYK image converted into an RGB image for the computer. If you want a 5", 300dpi CMYK image downloadable in a zip file to print yourself, send me an Email from this forum. (
RCWnewTMmasterRGBBLnumRedRing650.png (427 KB | )

Title: Re: RCW Color Books
Post by Admin on Dec 2nd, 2009 at 6:28am
Hi Xty, two new books arrived.

Celestial Scrapbooks, 7.5x5 5/8 All colors correct!
Pg 1 was blank, I thought the INFO page would go there, pg2 as TUBES and pg3 as the color wheel.
The tint opposite color numbers look good, the 36RCW# should be white numbers in the future.
This one was printed on an offset ink press like any magazine, it was in half-tone with the wet ink as opposed to the dry ink powder of Xerox. So far the best color is coming from SnapFish.
The colors are all correct.
All images are out of focus and fuzzy, the only thing not fuzzy was the cover type "On the Path to Dark An Artist's Companion".
Very good cutting and layout placement, top to bottom was excellent. The outside black border was reduced to 1/4" or less instead of 3/8".
1/4" glue area, it doesn't lay flat, but that's Ok even if the urls can't be seen they are still there if you look.
This is a good book if they can correct the focusing problem and de-lamination problem.

Kodak Gallery, 6.3/4x4.7/8
Better thicker paper than Celestial Scrapbooks, good binding, good lamination.
Good sharp images.
The outside edge border is only 1/8" but the inside urls look good, and there is an extra 1/8" of image added to the top and subtracted from the bottom.
The TUBES edge is sitting on the bottom cut line.
The book is excellent except for the color. They are not using sRGB and USwebV2 profiles.
I can see how far off on the yellow in the pepper and ivy pictures they are, and these are from sRGB files.
I can't even recognize the color wheel colors. #2.0 is where #1.0 should be.
They can't be used until their color is corrected.

Your Hats book is still the best stitch binding but Kodak Gallery looks the best of the glued bindings.

The SeeHere 5 1/4 x 7 7/8 is the nicest glue book of all, matte cut-out cover, nice paper, good color through-out the book.
It would still be perfect if they would fix the glue in the gutter. Them adding a printed barcode at the gutter edge is what starts the glue breaking.
The colorwheels are oval not round. I don't know what's going on there.
Your RCW drop-in on the first page is great.
The last page has an RCW with the black background, the one I send a few days ago with the white background would look better there.

MODIFIED: This is an example of how any post can be modified. I just received a new 7x5 book, it has no brand marking on it. The cover is a beautiful silver white, stitched, lies flat, perfect color, cutout cover, full colorwheel as the see-through 1st page. This is IT. The one to sell.

$24.80 to send it airmail from Kowtoon, Hong Kong.
Who printed it?

This is a 5x7 RCW Color Book printed by ArtsCow. The preview looks fuzzy but the book is sharp.
It's less than $15 delivered. Anyone can order one.

Title: Re: RCW Color Books
Post by Admin on Dec 2nd, 2009 at 6:33am
Put an image in a post by putting the image's url complete. Then you can put it anywhere, the forum accepts a modified html URL using brackets [] rather than greater and lessor <>. You can also just use the "Choose File" and upload an attachment from your computer.

Below is a round 3.5" coaster image for ArtsCow.
3_5inTMRCWcoasterRGB300dpi-KINKO-newmasterBLnumWhitebkg.png (720 KB | )

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