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Message started by Admin on Feb 20th, 2013 at 2:33am

Title: Weaving, Knitting
Post by Admin on Feb 20th, 2013 at 2:33am
Hello Don,
    My wife finished the first sock, so I am enclosing a picture of it. She will be starting on the second sock. I watched the entire dvd and enjoyed it. I especially liked the way you kept adding layers and still had the lights look transparent. When I get time I would like to do my version of the scene. At the rate I do things it will probably next year. Right now I am planning on more carving for an upcoming show. In watercolor I am finishing a journal of a trip my wife and I took to Boston and Cape Anne. It will have 48 paintings in it and I have only completed 23 so far. This Saturday I am planning on taking a watercolor lesson on elephants. I am enclosing some pictures of my woodburning that I did and my latest moose antler carving.

My wife has never made socks from alpaca, but only sock yarn. This is because alpaca doesn't hold up really well for socks, it would wear out quickly. However, if you are just using them for sleeping and not walking around in, they might work. She would not use 100% alpaca because alpaca doesn't have a memory. That means if alpaca gets stretched out, it doesn't go back. Usually anything made of alpaca that might stretch is blended with something else. She could blend it with merino wool which is the softest of all the wools. These socks would be VERY warm because alpaca is 6-8 times warmer than wool. If you really want 100% alpaca socks I would suggest ebay, there are a lot of them listed and they are cheaper that what my wife's would be. She would hand spin the yarn and then hand knit them. Anything hand spun and hand knitted is usually expensive. The ones on ebay are probably machine spun and knitted. She did make several pairs for a friend who doesn't live near us and had to constantly send them back and forth to make sure the size fit. This wouldn't be practical for someone living in Hawaii. I wear a size 12 1/2, so she would make them to fit me, if this is close to your size then this might work. If your foot is much bigger or smaller, it wouldn't. As I said, hand spun and hand knitted socks are expensive, but if you want we could trade a pair for the watercolor DVD. If she made them for you and they didn't fit or you were unhappy with them for any reason at all, you could just send them back and I would gladly pay the full price for the DVD. I wouldn't expect the DVD shipped until you received the socks and were satisfied. She would have to spin up the yarn and then make them, so it would take awhile. We have some nice brown alpaca fleece from our own alpacas and she has some brown merino wool.
If you would rather just send me an invoice for the watercolor DVD and forget about the pair of socks, that is fine. Let me know what you want to do. Thanks.
GregM & JoanneM

Hello Don,
    Joanne finished your socks and just has to pull in the ends. When you first emailed me you said you would like a pair or two of socks, (Alpaca sleeping socks) so she is making you a second pair. This will take awhile for the second pair. I am enclosing four pictures, one is Shaggy, whose fleece she is using. Another picture is of your completed socks. Another is of a batt, which is a combination of Shaggy's fleece and Finn, which is a sheep and the last is a picture of Shaggy's fleece (dark brown) and the start of the new pair of socks.
    I watched your watercolor DVD again, I always pick up or see some techniques I might want to try. Someday I may be interested in your oil DVD, it looks very interesting.
    The return address label on the DVD you sent me is different from the address on your website. Please email me your correct address.

Hi Greg,
Thanks Greg, I'm sorry about the address. I would have never gotten any package sent to the old address.
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Title: Re: Weaving, Knitting
Post by Admin on Feb 20th, 2013 at 3:01am
These are Greg's wood burning and moose antler carving.
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