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Color Coordinating Rooms (Read 4222 times)
Jan 15th, 2006 at 9:48pm

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KevinM wrote:

>I'd like to print your RCW.  I'm trying to mitigate my wife's
>discomfort with yellow walls by using the opposite color(s) on
>curtains, other furnishings.
>I have made a color reference card for use in communicating digital
>images via email.  See attached.  Maybe you'll find it helpful.
Hi Kevin,
You want to lessen the amount of yellow with other colors that go with it. That's a split complementary system.

Yellow and colors that make a triangle are primary, but they are split complamentary also. Any two colors that are equal in distance from the main color.  That means that the 2 colors right next to the opposit complementary color are a split complement set also. You could use the whole range of sets, but always have a full set represented.

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