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Re: Comments from fine4, Javed, Don (Read 3062 times)
Mar 14th, 2007 at 5:20am

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javed wrote:

>msg=Hi Visitor, you can type something in here. Hi Don,excellent work
Hi Javed,
The secret is in the transparent Real Color Wheel primaries. It has always been my way to make darks without using black pigment. I hope if I give it to the world free they will learn to use it, because it's a better way to categorize color.

That Munsell bunch is putting up fight for red, yellow and blue as pimaries, and using black pigment,  but still making cyan out of green and blue... They just don't get it, Munsell never saw cyan and didn't concider it primary. Their color wheel won't work, never has, never will.
The Color Name and Color Number system should be taken off the "red, yellow and blue" colorwheel as primaries, wrong is wrong.

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