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For Artists Painting on Location

Wholesale prices = 5 each.

with a free Laminated 5" RCW Colorwheel in the information booklet, $35.00
These Laminated Real Color Wheels have MATCHING pigments listed on the back.

Hand-held plastic palette
with 3 RCW transparent yellow primary water colors. $35

The same yellowpigment used in my printer/plotter
to print the Real Color Wheel.
Since a person said that she ran out of transparent yellow first I now have 3 yellow densities at the top of the palette. They all tint to a bright yellow cadmium colored hue. The most saturated yellow color is on the left, a transparent yellow water color pigment with a red-brown-mass-tone. This should last a long time. Orange-brown-mass-tone is the middle well's saturation, a deep yellow is in the third well. Get transparent magenta PR122 and cyan PB15 in available tube colors.
The next photo shows the first pouring of the 3 wells, brown-red, orange, and yellow mass-tone transparent yellow colors. The 3rd bottom palette photo shows all three transparent primary colors, cyan, yellow and magenta.

5"x 5" laminated Real Color Wheel, $10.00

CMYK Real Color Wheel

5"x 5" laminated Real Color Wheel w/ Information booklet, $15.00

8.5"x 8.5" Laminated RCW, $20.00

8.5"x 8.5" laminated Real Color Wheel w/ Information booklet, $25.00

11"x 11" laminated Real Color Wheel, $30.00

11"x 11" laminated Real Color Wheel w/ Information booklet, $35.00

Frame your canvas giclee, it will last a life time.
Finally a picture that will match the color of every couch ever made :)

24"x24" Real Color Wheel Fine Art Giclee on Canvas, shipped in a tube, $300.

32"x 32" Real Color Wheel Fine Art Giclee on Canvas, shipped in a tube, $395.

Add wall hanging/carrying scroll bars for a 24" or 32" canvas Real Color Wheel. $75.

Painting on Location DVD's - 2 hours each, 2 paintings on each DVD

DVD - Acrylic Medium Painted on Location. $35.

DVD - Buon Fresco on Walls, Tiles and Panels, 3 frescos shown being painted. $35.

DVD - Copal and Maroger Oil Media Painted on Location. $35.

DVD - Watercolor Medium Painting on Location. $35.

All four painting DVD's
Painted on Location, Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic and Fresco Media. $100.

Five 2x3 wallet size laminated Real Color Wheel cards. $10.
Carry a color wheel with you on location.

Limited Edition 200, Maui Painting-coloring Book, Twenty 11x14 pages of pattern outlined images. This is how I pre-draw my watercolor paintings. $25 without printing rights.
I want a restaurant chain to use the pages as a place mat that can be colored in.
$100 with printing rights.

Open any page of the coloring book on your computer in a graphic program and color it in free.

Kahakuloa Head Elephant