Artist History
Painting Maui Hawaii on Location en plein air

Nahiku Rooster

Maui, Hawaii, 15x22

  I spent a year and a half in Nahiku on my friend and artist Tom Booth's land.  This is where I transcribed my painting notes into this course. Thanks Tom.

  First the major colors were laid in over a chalk drawing.  Brush off the extra chalk before starting to paint.  The palm tree was was re-drawn and painted in white, the colors in the palm were painted over this. In water colors I would have left a white space for the whole palm tree,  Acrylics are a fairly translucent medium, not like the oils of 1900.  Back then the color Naples Yellow in it's many tints were made of antimony and were very opaque. Acrylics are a lot like watercolors.

#68, Nahiku Chicken, Acrylic

This second painting is from the exact same spot at another time.
The rooster lives here so it was no problem to put him in the same place,

I looked forward to this roster showing up each morning, it kind of made my day, all three of them.

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