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Painting Maui Hawaii on Location en plein air

Nahiku Fruit Stand in the Shade

69.htm, Maui, 15x22, Oil

I was parked here a couple of days and Tom built this fruit stand for his kids.  It's a typical Nahiku scene if I ever saw one.  This tip is about photographing your work, it's best to shoot 4x5 transparencies instead of 35 mm.  You can't reproduce a 35 mm larger than 8"x10" while a 4x5 will make a fine 24x36 reproduction.  Shoot the pictures at 11:00 AM for the whitest light.

This was a few years ago, I've learned since to use full resolution png's on my images.

Nahiku Fruit Stand Shade, Acrylic, 15x22

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