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Valley Sugarcane Harvest
Painting on Location

Maui, Hawaii, 7.5x11,  Acrylic

  I really like this little painting, I still have most of the small ones. They're the ones I practice with, getting ready for larger ones. It's like tennis, take off for a week and it takes three days to get back in the groove.

I was hot when I painted this. Look at the contrast strokes, light over dark, dark over light. Perfect composition, not a wasted stroke anywhere. Now that I'm almost finished with this fifth gallery I'm ready to get back to painting.  This picture inspires me.

You can really see the "three deep" rule in the sugar cane grass in this painting.

That's my mongoose "Max" on the right side. That makes 2 cats, 2 dogs, a mongoose and a goat as pets, they all traveled with me in the van. The goat was the smartest.

#91, Valley Harvest, 7.5x11, Acrylic Painting

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