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Re: Paint Fox, Pink Daisies (Read 5276 times)
Mar 15th, 2004 at 4:38am

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This week I finished an article for a US magazine about selling furniture in Europe.  I have a hard time limiting myself to facts, but somehow managed.  This coincided with a heavy work week.

I bought three bouquets of daffodils from the man on rue Vaugirard yesterday.  I set them in tall beer glasses on the tables at the Petit Lux.  Pamplemousse got a new lease on life this week, as the veterinarian/chiropractor straightened out her back and tail, which looked like a pig's. 

The European Union is currently comprised of 15 countries, which most Americans think of as Europe (except Switzerland).   Among the present 15, not all of these countries use the Euro, most notably England.  England also still maintains its border crossings; the rest of Europe is "open" between countries.  At present the EU has more inhabitants than the US, although the land mass is smaller. 

Although we walked home in snow on Tuesday, today we have 60 degree temperatures.  I am awaiting the emergence of my butterflies from their chrysalis' in my courtyard garden.  The hyacinths are finally out of the ground, the seven inch long leaves, exhausted from waiting.

In May, ten new countries will be part of the EU, although not immediately participating in the "Euro" currency.  Most of the countries joining in May are in Eastern Europe, along with Malta and Cyprus. 

We walked to the market to buy escargot for Sunday's dinner.  A man selling bird whistles twitters through the crowd.   The butcher sold me cow cheeks, something I have a hard time imagining.  I will cook them for a long time with cognac. 

European countries have become like US states, in the sense they maintain their own particular identity, but partake in common laws, currencies, and services with the European Union.   The Italians are very different, for example, from the Dutch -- not unlike the difference between people from Florida and people from Wyoming.  I can drive between France and Germany as easily as driving between Washington and Oregon.

We want to buy bicycles to take to the end of the train line and ride out in the country.  We have a new picnic set, and will carry our paints.   Meanwhile, we are confined to painting our flowers in Paris.

Laurie (painting and text) and Blair PESSEMIER
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