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rgbs for pigment colors (Read 4428 times)
Reply #1 - Apr 15th, 2005 at 9:55am

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Hi Stan,

This is the page you're talking about

Interactive Real Color Wheel Matching Tube Pigment Colors in RGB and YMC.

I think a spectroscope of dried pigment color would show all colors to be unpure.
The percentage CMYK was from mathamatical printed chart and matched the tube color which matched RGB equivalent matched by eye.

I matched the dried chip color to the computer by eye. It's close enough to paint with a computer tablet and compare the relationships of similar colors in pigments. 

I matched the pigment tube color dry by eye to RGB color and read it with a Digital Color Meter.
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Apr 15th, 2005 at 3:14am

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Hello Don,

I have visited your site a number of times and I have found it very interesting an
d informative.

I was looking at your Matching Tube Pigment Colors and the RGB numbers for various pigments. I noted that some colors such as #s 01, 2a, 09 for example indicate pure colors (255,255,0), (255,0,0). I thought that no pigment color is pure and contains some gray or blackand therefore a maximum RGB is not possible.

No matter how poorly phrased, my question is based on an attempt for knowledge and in no way critical.

I will look forward to your reply,

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