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Canvas, print and paint (Read 2367 times)
Reply #1 - Oct 19th, 2008 at 4:29am

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Paul wrote:

Hi Don,

I feel like the most bogus member because all I do is lose my passwords and login words.  And ask questions which I am sure make you roar with laughter, so sit down and here comes the question:  I want to put watercolor paper thru my 6 color inkjet printer.  I think it would have to be quite light in weight, meaning not heavy,  under 50 or 40 lb. and probably cold press because that would absorb more ink than hot press, which the colors might just skid and move around while in the print function.

So, do you know of anyone selling what I am lamely describing?  If I can attach one of my photos I think yu would understand why I would like to paint into them.

Any help you could have time to help me with on this subject would mean very much to me.  I know you are busy, but please give this question a chance, and I remain PaulC.

Since I cannot seem to get into the site proper, could you please write back to me thru my email.  Many thanks,- P


Hi Paul,
Nice to hear from you again.

You didn't say if you wanted to print light and work with W/C or acrylic on canvas. Both supports are available in rolls or sheets.
I have in the past month done both. Here is the w/c roll I bought and used, I could have worked on top of the printing job with ink as the w/c but didn't need or want to.
Bulldog Products.

PA-MSTPCP-1750 = Masterpiece Cold Pressed W/C Paper, 300gsm, Roll 17" x 50',
$63.75 ea, $127 shipped total $190.48, (2 of 2, 1 used up Jacaranda Pastel - Kula Truck) 1 side, WaterFast

The canvas I used was also from Bulldog, at the Roland distributor, Roll, 50"x40', Roland Green Dot

Another project I'm going to print on tomorrow.
Since my paintings are very smooth I printed this on a smooth matte paper,

Media Street
8.5 X 8.5 COLORWHEEL - **G2V-24, $59.00, ROLL, Royal Velvet (301gsm 80# 13pt 33mm) 24" x 40' - DUAL SATIN
(1 of 2 left, Roll #1 cut to 24x24 sheets to flatten)
(1) $59.00 (2) $118.00 - Subtotal $118.00 - Shipping & Handling  $11.80 - Tax 0.00 - Total $129.80
ROLL, Royal Velvet (301 gsm, 80#) 24"x40'  - Bright White - DUAL SATIN.
Price: $59.00, $1.49 per ft. 24"
5", 8", 11" 24" (24" paper rolled tubed) COLORWHEELS (two side)

On a cut to size piece of hard pressed masonite that had a coat of dry carpenter's water soluble glue. I re-applied a layer of glue and while it was wet, I sprayed it lightly with water just before laying the paper on it, vice versa, I put pin holes through the paper at the 4 corners and laid the masonite on the paper. It was just one print so I put the top finish on with a sponge brush. Three thin coats. Then I put some very slight texture on it with gel acrylic medium. Tomorrow at my local art store, right across the street from where the painting is and in the same parking lot I painted it in, I'm going to look for a subject portrait to sit on the bench and paint him/her in the painting.  I might fill the whole picture with people..


Another way to do it would be to get a water color paper, the thinnest good paper is Strathmore with 50% fiberglass in it. Coat it with InkAid, dry it and run it through your printer.
I have a project I'm working on where I'll print on aluminum covered paper sheets. The InkAid comes in clear and white opaque. I think I'll spray it clear, run it through the printer with just image outlines from the painting done on aluminum with transparent paint of a brass goblet. Then add white InkAid to the opaque areas. I made my own transparent yellow ink, If all goes well I will be able to print just like my Pictura translucida painting.

I'll let you know how everything turns out, you do the same.

The painted giclee print is finished, here it is. I see the image looks lighter but I swear the colors are the same in the original and the print. I know we started this in 2008 and I'm not uploading until 2013, I'm afraid I forgot.. I just upgraded the forum and am going through old posts.


ok, now you have me by the throat- where do you get the aluminum coated paper?  And I am jsut going to play around with gouache and some sort of tempera- thanks for all your info- and I remain PaulC.
It's late here, I was just shutting down when I heard the mail bong. I have to check it the address is on the shipping package, I think this package was inside another, but it was a long time ago so I'm not sure. I'll check tomorrow. Good night.
You are a treat to know- and I remain Paul Czubay.
March 4th, 1996, Dick Blick. $20 shipping, I got (3) 30x40 packages of it. One pkg. left, opened Sad That's all the info I have on it.
I guess I need some more..

I did paint in two people and while there were no jacaranda flowers in the tree, there were some nice flowers behind the front bench which I added also.
I still have to gloss the new work, I post it when I get it finished. Don

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Nov 20th, 2006 at 1:05am

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As far as the quality of canvas for giclee printers goes, Frederick makes an excellent quality canvas with the giclee primer, we just received some samples. Actually any quality canvas can be coated with an ink receiver.
If you go to inkjetart.com they have a canvas pre-coated and the ink receiver coating to spray or brush on. Ink Aid also makes great product to brush or spray on. It comes in clear or white opaque.

I have found the inkjet primer on canvas works very well with water color and acrylic paint. The final UV coating is polyurethane based so it will never yellow and keep the painting protected longer then an oil based final finish. If you want to seal and oil-out the surface after printing with a thin oil based wash, thinned maroger medium is what I would use. Then continue painting with oil paint.

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