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Pictures of Cerra Colla from Eli (Read 2268 times)
Reply #1 - Jan 31st, 2013 at 3:25am

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There should be no smell, when the hot and hot mix starts to effervescence (froths) the ammonia (gas in water) should be gone.
The 3/8" blob was just that, a blob. I talk about that here.
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Jul 8th, 2007 at 8:21pm

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Don, Ok I did it! I think. 
Beside the strong ammonia smell, I feel everything went well
Once I started I noticed that I had a yellowish bees wax.
I am now experimenting with the medium now, so far I have troweled it on an existing synthetic venetian plaster board, and I have brushed it on an existing acrylic wax textured effect, just the see what the membrane would look like.
I have several questions.
1. The finished cera is still very strong smelling, is that normal? And if so, how long does that last? Or maybe it never  goes away?
2. If I reduce the amount of ammonia what will happen?
3. When you mentioned that you have had this up to 1/4" was that layered by brush, poured, or made thick and knifed/troweled?
4. What have you found for dry/cool times? For layering and polishing?
I will now up load the pictures, please forgive me, if I don't do this right.

cc1.jpg (77 KB | )
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