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Here is the RCW website (Read 10728 times)
Jan 24th, 2011 at 8:30pm

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http://www.realcolorwheel.com/sitetree.htm   All links
http://www.realcolorwheel.com/final.htm   All About Color (main page)
http://www.realcolorwheel.com/colorwheel.htm   Real Color Wheel page

Real Color Wheel page
New page, Choose a background color matching a pigment color.
Paint a full color painting with 3 transparent primaries

Here's a little story:

I first notice that magenta seems to slide into the yellow and cyan areas of color on the colorwheel taking more than its 1/3rd share of the wheel. I noticed the phenomenon at sunset, because the magenta light rays are longer, they bend around the earth giving us a red sky at night.

I noticed a similar color change in the physical elements making crystals. Darker cyan turns to ultramarine blue by adding magenta, as in the polarizing Iceland Spar crystal. Magenta is added in most all yellow crystals as they get darker.

Iron oxides make colors from Amberg yellow, orange, red and raw umber, heating the raw umber to burnt umber brings out even more red. It's a natural phenomenon in the physical colorwheel.

Here is a link to print out a colorwheel for yourself. If you print and laminate it at Kinko's (they print it best) it will cost you the same as the one I sell and deliver without shipping costs. The colors are spot on and they will last a long time.
I have some new links on that page, the color course as an Ebook, a HEX code color chart with 720 colors, and a screen saver with my paintings.

The 32"x32" .tif file versions of this color wheel are on the DVD, I have a framed 32" RCW in my home.

This one is for monitor color calibration,  it's not an image, but an RGB table of numbers in Real Color Wheel order.

Q. Why is a color wheel handy?
Q. When your on location painting or photographing how do you use a colorwheel?
A. You see an object and the dominate color on it, mix the opposite color on the shadow side. There is no hit and miss, this is natures way of darkening colors.

This is definitely the color wheel you want to identify exact color complements through-out the full range of tints and shades for each color opposition. The names of the pigments and brands involved are printed on the back.

Pigment Artists, Tablet Artists, Decorators and Photographers need this Real Color Wheel. Download Photo Shop .aco files
I have some new links on that page, the color course as an Ebook, a HEX code color chart with 720 colors, and a screen saver with my paintings.

The full color course on DVD includes a Laminated 5" RCW.
On the DVD, ($35) are the 5",  8", 11" and 32" CMYK self printable versions. They are all available as laminated hard copies, $10, $20, $30. The signed 32 inch version is $400.00, printed on canvas.

All visual color is represented by visible wavelengths except magenta, which is there but can't be seen. One of the ways they are measured is in nanometers. The Electromagnetic (EM) Chart plots where the colors are in nanometers. 1,000,000,000 nanometers equals 1 meter.

"All About Color" includes every facet of color I could think of, the wave lengths of color escaped me because I don't think that way, until now. There is more to color than just what you can see reflected. This EM chart plots all colors except magenta because magenta shows up as black, black is clear in a rainbow.  Here is the link to the EM wavelength chart on my site. It's 600 ppi, large enough for you to use or print clearly.

A wallet sized zip to print out at 300 dpi.

• Here is a Real Color Wheel for Photographers, who don't need the pigment placement dots on the image.
• A link to the RCW RGB Pen Tablet Palette.
• A link to a 10x6, 300 dpi, CMYK, printable Real Color Wheel chart for your studio. It is the most complete colorwheel, with 10 tints and 10 shades of each color.

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The Prismacolor 72 color pencil set includes 48 chroma colors, 11 tints and 13 non-color pencils. Here they are mounted on the 36 Real Color Wheel plus one extra added color, Prismacolor's PC919 Non-Photo Blue as the Cyan. Includes a blank colorwheel.
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