Nahiku Ferns #1014

This painting of Ferns is a 22x15 acrylic done on location on Tom Booth's pourch in Nahiku, Maui. I spent 6 days there and finished two acrylic paintings, this one and a still life on the kitchen table. It was raining, normal for Nahiku.

First came the brown stems of the fern and on that first day this image, TomsFernD1700x468.png, on the second day I thought it was finished but I worked on it in the morning of the 3rd day #1014. During the signing at home I added the gloss.

I can't see doing another painting, but I have a couple more blank panels left.
I'll do another but there is so much to remember, did I already forget something? Will I?

I liked this painting, #1014, better before I added the cyan and orange to the center area. I was and am still confused.
I painted over the painting's light area that should have stayed light, with orange, a darker color. The orange color was a mistake. There was more light coming from the center of the plant and I darkened it with orange. You should have seen it before, it showed that this painting was about light. Opaque orange should have been "out of bounds" for me and the painting time wise.

The "morning painting" picture time was gone. Burnt Sienna was the way to go now, a transparent glaze of burnt Sienna, a dark orange, which would add a transparent cyan and transparent magenta with yellow instead of opaque orange thinned down. Perrole orange will make a transparent orange-brown, much like burnt Sienna.

I added some foreground colors and shadows to some frons and some branches to the background.

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