Jacaranda Kula Firehouse

11x15 Acrylic on Masonite Hardboard, #1015, start 5-31-16

Photo & Painting

Day 1, Photo, It rained so hard I couldn't see out the van front window part of the day. I hope it rains tomorrow since the first thing I paint is the sky to set the tone of the painting. It's a rainy day painting, if it rains tomorrow.


Day 1, 6-1-16 Painting, I Left my house today around 3pm and it was overcast, no rain.

Day 2, I got all the foliage and tree flowers in but not the smaller branches.

Day 3 painting in the branches and foreground clover flowers.

TIP: Wash the painting often. Wet the area to match the color with one you are mixing. Acrylics dry lighter but while they are both wet they will look the same.

TIP: Painting Trees: First do the tree's outline, then outline the big foliage, big branches, small foliage, small branches and the sky showing through the tree. Trees have a front, middle and back side. The front is in front of the branches, the middle branches are in front of the rear foliage that goes down first.

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