Camille - Haleakala Waldorf School

Buon Fresco, 4-28-04

Hi Camile,
There is the thought that an outline belongs to the object behind it. That's where the shadow color would go.

You used the scribe lines well introducing a texture to the intonaco.
The deep cyan blue in the lower right is going to be a great time test for Thalo blue in lime. I made the test already, it's lime safe, the color should dry very dark. This color has a short history starting in the early sixties. To use this color in the 1500's would be very expensive and not available to most, the synthetic is not expensive.

12x12, very little color change and all colors absorbed well in this buon fresco, quinacridone coral, Thalo Blue, Thalo Green, cinabrese and burnt umber. Paint tints with added white pigment instead of limewater to see the final color before it dries.


All colors absorbed well in this 8x8 fresco, this is a good buon fresco also, nice going Camille.


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