Dakota - Haleakala Waldorf School

Buon Fresco

Hi Dakota,
The hardest way to painting a mural is al fresco, nice to see you do it. It doesn't matter what you paint, it's how you paint it. 12x12 inches.

Green oxide pigment is an opaque medium yellow-green hue. Green Oxide is half green and half yellow.
On the RCW color wheel Yellow-Green is #34 of 36 colors. The opposite of green oxide is transparent purple #16 not magenta. That's why the shadow looks too warm.
Follow the links on the little palette to learn about each color. Pigments are the same chemical compound in all media. We use only lime safe colors in fresco.
8x8 inches, 9 days after painting, there will be no more color changes in this fresco.

Thank you for letting us have a once in a lifetime chance of painting a fresco. It was a very fun experience that many people do not get. I think that the most fun part was putting the mortar on the tiles.

Yours Truly,

-Dakota, upload your new work in any media here, to the online forum.