Dwight - Haleakala Waldorf School

Buon Fresco, 4-28-04

Hi Dwight,
We will see the difference between titanium white as in the cloud, and the lime background as in the blank spaces you left in the sky. They both should be pretty white in a week. The hardest way to painting a mural is "al fresco", nice to see you do it. 12x12 inches.

8x8 inches, another buon fresco done on location.
The shadow is so right on in hue. It's all over even in color. Here is a thumb rule. It's darkest next to the light and lightest next to the dark. The magenta and green opposition is there, so is the yellow to brown and ultramarine blue. A little of that mix could have warmed up the shadow area close to the banana and shown the bananas color influence in the shadow.

Here it is 9 days later, the color changes have happened and all colors have absorbed. Nice going.

Thank you for letting me have a once (maybe) in a lifetime experience! This helped me realize that painting isn't boring. It was the bomb dawg . I'll now have an everlasting story to tell. I also like the color wheel because it allows you to make different tones and mixes easily.

Yours truly,

Students, upload your updated fresco images here, to the online forum.