Kula Jacaranda Tree and Holy Ghost Church

5-10-7, 22x15, Acrylic on Location, #949

Day 1, 5-10-7
22x15, Acrylic. I got off to a fresh start this morning. Driving around Kula I found two jacaranda trees I want to paint. So I cut a 30x22 full size birch 1/4 inch panel covered with thin linen in half and I plan to paint two 22x15 paintings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This is the drawing for one of them. A Kula Jacaranda and a Century Plant with the Holy Ghost Church in the background. Here is a link to the second painting. Jacaranda Tree at the Kula Post Office.

Jacaranda 2007

Day 2, 5-11-7
8:00 Start Day 2, 9:30 still cleaning up the drawing. I got the mountain line in this morning, now the clouds are starting to move in, starting with the very right side mountain line which includes Sky Line Drive above Poli Poli.
10:00, the sun is still llighting up the left and center panels of the church roof. The right century plant is still in dark shadows. 10:05, the last 25% of the tree is still in shadow with dark blue R/s or Dark Blue-Purple, they are the same color. Lastly the left roof has the most light.
11:53, the sun is gone, there's cloud cover over my head and beyond. I'm stopping for the day and heading over to the Kula Post Office Jacaranda painting.

Jacaranda day 2

Day 3, 5-13-7
Started at 9:00, by 9:30 I had the first coat of sky paint on, 10:00 the second coating was finished and the guide lines were darkened. The brightest roof panel had changed from the top left to the bottom left in 1/2 an hour. The painting's paint time will be critical in this painting. Stop 4:45.

Jacaranda day 3

Day 4, 5-14-7
Start 8:00, Close to 100% coverage. 8:45 the clouds took over. I'll match the first coat and go over it again. End of day 11:07.
Tip: One of the great things about acrylics is you can wipe off a mistake in the first few minutes.

Day 5, 5-15-7, Start 7:00, 8:00 Tree color finished, 9:00 every color is different, every shadow is different. Tonight I am going to clean all my brushes in denatured alcohol. From 8:30 to now, 9:33 I been filling holidays (holes left behind in the hectic pace of catching the light of one hour of the day. Using ult blue and dioxine purple I couldn't catch the magenta tint of early light on the top left edge of the tree with only dioxine purple. So I added the color I remembered and will check it tomorrow. It's 12:30 now, time to move on.

Jacaranda day 4

Day 6, 5-16-7
Start, 6:20. By 7:30 I had the tree, this 20 minutes is the only time the colors go from magenta to ultramarine blue. 8:30, only translucent high clouds in the sky. 11:30, stop to play tennis.

Jacaranda day 5

Day 7, 5-17-7, 6:25 to 11:45, I see the light for one minute and spent the rest of the day working on the other buildings with existing colors.
6:30, simplifying, I need more pink on the top. 9:30 and I have 90% coverage. Another young tree has come into my focus, behind the main tree.

Jacaranda day 6

Day 8, 5-19-7
Wake up at 5:30, on location by 6:00, on location to catch the first light. I couldn't take a chance on missing the colors. It's a perfect day. By 7:00 I was finished except for the filling of holidays and correcting blends. I don't like to show brush marks unless it's for a reason.
The first thing this morning was to make sure the palette is full, sprayed wet and the cover has a fresh coat of gesso.
I noticed the trellis on the church house is lit up, later in the day it is darker as the sun puts it in shadows. Tip: Naples yellow is good in oil and acrylic, but terrible in watercolors. My acrylic palette is still wet from my first painting started in April. I would like one more morning to check my colors.

Jacaranda day 7

Day 9, 5-20-7
Same as yesterday, except its my birthday I'm 66, wake up at 5:30, on location by 6:00, to catch the first light again. It's Sunday, I'm painting a church. Another perfect day. By 7:00 I had all the colors I could get and I used them until 12:00.

Jacaranda day 7

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