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Kula Post Office Jacaranda Tree 2007

5-10-7, 22x15, Acrylic Painting on Location, #950

Day 1, 5-11-7, 22x15, Acrylic
I got off to a fresh start yesterday morning. I found two jacaranda trees I want to paint. So I cut a 30z22 full size birch 1/4 inch panel covered with thin linen in half and I plan to paint two 22x15 paintings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This is the drawing for second painting, the Kula Post Office 96790 Jacaranda.
I started at 8:30. charcoal on acrylic gesso. Keep the panel parallel to your face while drawing or else you will get a distorted paintintg. Use a feather to dust off the panel before painting in the outlines with light blue. Use short dashes to show ending directions of the pattern. I enclose all patterns like I would for a water color.
12:00 finished with the drawing and start adding color.

Jacaranda 2007
Day 1 added some color,
2:30 went to play tennis.

Jacaranda day 2

Day 2, 5-12-7
12:00 start. I painted the sky white and when it was dry painted the clouds, why do I think this is just the first coat.. By 2:00 it was raining, I worked until 4:00.

Jacaranda day 2

Day 3, 5-13-7
12:00 start, end 4:45, plus 40 minutes cleanup. This was a hard day, I had so many mistakes to fix because I started the drawing with the panel at an angle instead of parallel to my face. It's a mistake that wouldn't have happened if I was painting every day. It looks Ok now.

Jacaranda day 3

Day 4, 5-14-7 I don't think I have this photo.
Start 1:00, I had played 2 hours of tennis. Added two colors, Naples yellow and Raw Umber. These two painting are using Ult. Blue and Dioxine Purple to paint the flowers, the first two paintings used Thalo Blue (cyan) and Dioxine Purple.

Day 4, 5-15-7
12:10 Start, Brought more color into the lower sky by adding more Thalo blue. Gave the three main floral patterns distinctive and blended colors. 2:38 Too much sun, I left to catch this web page up to date.

Jacaranda day 4

Day 5, 5-16-7
2:00 work until 4:00. This is the first year all the jacarandas on Maui are blooming at the same time, and they are lasting longer then usual also.

Jacaranda day 5

Day 6, 5-17-7
Start, 12:22, It's very close to finished. I'm fixing mistakes with gesso and drawing new with the chalk and charcoal, don't forget to wipe off the dust with a feather. That's very important.
Stop at 4:25. I'm working on the lower right side, the guard rail.

Jacaranda day 7

Day 7, 5-18-7
Three more hours, it's too sunny.

Jacaranda day 7

Day 8, 5-20-7
12:15 to 2:40, I put the tree branches in.
Tip: Ultramarine blue darkens in chroma by adding Magenta, just like Cad Red will darken to Cad Red Medium with the addition of magenta.

Jacaranda day 8 finished

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