Painting on Location with Don Jusko and Tom Booth
Charles A. Lindbergh's Church
the Pala Pala Ho'omau Congregational Church

Don charcoalTom charcoal

We both are working on 1/4" wood panels, these are the charcoal drawings, mine (left) is 11x15, Tom (right) is 12x16.

line painting

On the charcoal drawing I made an acrylic line painting, then moist cleaned the panel of chalk, or in this case, the charcoal.
Tom is painting in oils. My painting is acrylic.
I'm the one using a stick for and easel.

Our setupsOver Tom's shoulder
The target churchTom Booth

Don day 1Tom day 1 finished

This are the paintings after the first 6 hours. Tom Booth is finished!

Don day 2

My painting after the second day.

Don day 3 finished

The third day, eighteen hours later.
Now I will give it a final "varnish" coating using a polyurethane water based finish.
The best out now is by Deft, called "Millennium".


Painting corrected

Now the perspective is correct with all the angles meeting on the horizon line.

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