My Acrylic Palette Map

Naphthol Crimson Translucent Acra Red Translucent Naphthol Crimson Translucent Acra Violet (Magenta) Transparent
Dioxazine Purple Transparent Unbleached Titanium Opaque Yellow Oxide Opaque Mars Yellow Opaque Raw Siena Opaque
Cacmium Red Medium Opaque
Cadmium Red Light Opaque Acrylic Colors Red Oxide Opaque
Scarlet Red Light Translucent
Quinacradone Burnt Orange Translucent
Indi Orange Red Translucent
Brilliant Orange Hue Translucent
Burnt Siena Translucent
Brilliant Orange Translucent
Cadmium Orange Opaque
Yellow Orange Azo Translucent
Burnt Umber Opaque
Cadmium Yellow Mediun Opaque
Raw Umber Opaque
Yellow Medium Azo Translucent
Prism Violet Opaque
Cadmium Yellow Lemon Opaque
Ultramarine Blue Translucent
Brilliant Blue Purple Opaque
Cadmium Yellow Light Opaque
Cobalt Blue Opaque
Phthalo Blue Transparent
Yellow Light Hansa Arylide Translucent
Turquoise Deep Transparent
Vivid Lime Green Opaque Light Emerald Green Opaque Permanent Green Light Opaque Permanent Sap Green Permanent Green Deep Opaque Chromium Oxide Green Phthalo Green Y/s B/sTransparent Emerald Green Opaque
Brilliant Yellow Green Translucent

Acrylic palette box

This palette box measures 4 x 6 x 3/4, it closes with a flick of the wrist and keeps paint moist for a week of every day use.
Here are 19 most used colors.
The lid includes a towel cloth glued to it with a waterproof glue, that I keep moist. The bottom is a removable pop-out to clean. The box is 1 inch high
Yellow Light Hansa Arylide Translucent, Cadmium Yellow Light Opaque, Cadmium Yellow Lemon Opaque, Cadmium Yellow Medium Opaque, Cadmium Orange Opaque, Cadmium Red Light Opaque, Acra Violet (Magenta) Transparent, Yellow Oxide Opaque, Red Oxide Opaque, Burnt Sienna Translucent, Burnt Umber Opaque, Dioxazine Purple Transparent, Ultramarine Blue Translucent, Cobalt Blue Opaque, Cyan Phthalo Blue Transparent, Phthalo Green Y/s B/s Transparent, Permanent Green Light Opaque, Vivid Lime Green Opaque, Brilliant Yellow Green Translucent and three new Liquitex transparent pigments. Acra Gold is the first yellow to brown acrylic, Acra Burnt Orange is an orange to brown and Van Dyke Red Hue a red to brown.


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