Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

New Porch and Bananas

15x22 Acrylic on Panel, 11-28-02, #836 & #351
Charcoal drawing
Charcoal Drawing
Permenant line drawing
Permanent line drawing, Day 1

Day 2, I'm painting with my friend Tom booth, bananas again, on his new porch. It's a rainy day picture and the colors are pale. I concentrated on getting rid of the drawing lines, replacing them with color patterns edge to edge. I'm keeping all the colors as cool as I can to convey the rain. The main opposition in this painting will be yellow and blue.

Day 3, Most of the day was spent defining shapes with shadows on the bananas. Cobalt blue, cyan Thalo Blue, Thalo Green, Naples yellow light and yellow Hansa and white were the colors I used basically.  A lot of time was spent cleaning up with white. Killing time while the sun was shining. All of today's work was done with a #6 sable, round ferrule, flat end. It's like painting with a pencil.


Day 4, Big changes today, not enough rain was happening on this cloudy day so I sprayed everything with a spray bottle. The fog effect in the background is more what I am looking for.

Day 5,  The vase got most of today's work. Magenta, cyan, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue and white. I'm trying to make a blue torch with it and the post. Tomorrow I hope to finish.


Day 6, finished. I really worked green in this painting. I added; burnt umber, Naples yellow, yellow ocher, yellow oxide, green gold, Thalo blue cyan, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, purple, magenta and red oxide, all to Thalo green and Perm. Green Deep. Green gold, Thalo blue and acra gold made some of the shadow colors. If it was only bananas it would have only taken 3 days, architecture doubles my painting time. I like the softness and low key values outside the red, yellow and blue points of color.

Tom is painting the same view but with sunlight recorded.  So far it's rain two sun four, it's a dry winter.
Tom Booth, Nahiku, Maui

Here is the railing on the old porch.

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