Painting on Location in acrylics

Poli Poli
Orange Scrub Brush

11"x14", #430, 1987

Painted on hot pressed masonite, sealed with water based polyurethane

This sky is a blend of three colors magenta, cyan and yellow.
Sky only
The strokes on the left are amoung the first down and saved as final strokes.

I start with large strokes and brushes and change them durning the painting.
The very cool yellow below is Hansa Yellow and Thalo blue.
This is one half the image kept as simple and big as the other half is small and complex.

4,000 feet

This is the second side of this Poli Poli Orange Scrub.
I understand that the rust color on the leaves and bark comes from a mold called rust.
Although I painted this to look complacated it was very fast.
I painted #431 a 5x7, #432 a 5x7 and this one #430 an 11x14 on this day.
I switched brushes often until I was down to my signing brush,
a Langnickel 5/16" long sable #1 with a flat hair end and a round ferrule.

I painted three painting this day.
After putting the painting away they stayed and I haven't seen it for 15 years!
I still remember the strokes.
4-16-14, it's 27 years since I saw this painting,
the dirt road has been asphalt now for some time.


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