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"En Plein Aire is Painting on Location"
Oil Palette Colors

Rembrandt Blue Green
Transparent, Tinted

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36RCW#27, Transparent, PB15.3 + PG38 or PB60 anthraquinone
Turquoise, opposite Rembrandt Rose
Rembrandt Rose PV19
36RCW#12, Scarlet Crimson Translucent, PV19, rcwrembrose.htm.

Blue Green is Turquoise, 36RCW#27, between Cyan and Green.
Turquoise is transparent, you need it if you are painting big water.

To make a dark-neutral with Turquoise Blue Green Transparent
mix it with the opposite hue Scarlet Crimson, PV19.
More on turquoise, rcwA10turq.htm

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