Painting on Location
En Plein Aire - Painting Maui on Location
Oil Palette Colors

Green Earth Translucent

Green Earth Translucent
Blocks Venetian Red, opaque
Blocks Venetian Red, Opaque

This was the favorite combination of colors to lay out a portrait, back when "Green Earth" came in five or six translucent hues plus opaque Red Oxide which was common earth and depended on the location, France was cooler, Italy was warmer. With these you could make warm, cool, dark and light colors, a good underpainting. There was a third color that was important in this layout, Antimony Naples Yellow Opaque. Naples Yellow also came in at least six hues from green/s to red/s. Today most of the the Naples yellow's are mixed hues with an opacity not even close to antimony lead.

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