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Painting on Location

Bear's Palm Tree
Huelo, Maui

Acrylic, 11x15, 3-8-89, #468

This acrylic painting on Phil's land shows my water color style influence, treating white as a color, I painted in some white spaces up in the reflecting fronds. Don't just leave the bare gesso showing, it doesn't have enough pigment in it and may turn gray. In acrylics it's better to paint white first over the gesso, the strokes glide better. It's like oiling down a canvas before painting on it.

Notice the opposite colors of the yellow highlight space and the shadow blue space. Nature does this sort of thing all the time.

This was a tricky painting to paint, there was no level place to set up, but I was determined. I knelt on one knee most of the time. That's Huelo, Maui for you. No electricity, no running water, no paved roads.

14, Bear's Tree, Acrylic

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