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Phil's Kitchen

3 1/2 x 4 1/2 W/C Waterford Hot Pressed140#, 4-3-1988, #727

This little painting took 3 days to do. It was raining every day and inside was the only place to paint. Hot pressed papers are very easy to do fine details on. See the list of the best papers available below.

My sister Elayne, who owns the painting, sent me a larger photo today 1-22-14, thanks Sis. Today she sent me a photo of the back, It was painted on Waterford 140# paper, a test sheet from Daniel Smith. 4-3-88, #727.

No black pigment is ever used, except in pastels.

20 Phil's Kitchen


Waterford 300#, Rough and Hot Pressed.  A truly great paper. 
Twinrocker 300#, Rough, large deckles, lighty tub sized, pre-wash needed, moderate rough texture.  Cold Pressed. 
Strathmore Gemini 300#, Rough and Cold Pressed. 
Strathmore Excalibur 80#, 25% cotton, 75% fiberglass. You must erase pencil lines before painting, hard to brush erase. Fun to paint on. 
Fabriano Esport, Rough and Cold Pressed. 
Fabriano Classico, 140# only, excellent, hard. 
Arches, 300# and 400#, Pre wash, won't stain on first wash, great texture, erases anything. 

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