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"En Plein Air is Painting on Location" 

Two Fir Trees on Maui

Acrylic Painting on Linen Panel, 15x22

   Isn't Maui beautiful.. every place you turn there's a picture.  I do most of my work in my VW van, on the steering wheel (easel).  It's in the shade...  I added a sunviser on the roof that holds a solar panel.  This keeps the rain off the windshield also.  

A black window screen keeps the bugs out and the radio works fine.

I also took out the passenger seat to hold my painting supplies, every medium I use, water colors, oils, pastels and acrylics are all within arms reach.

I was with a friend, Francesco, he's visiting my friend Piero's studio in the Peloa Cannery. We both paint in acrylics.

19, two Firs, Acrylic
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