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Painting on Location

Kaupo Cow, Acrylic, 7.5x11

22x30 - 22x15 - 11x15-7.5x11 - 7.5x5.5
those are my painting sizes I carry in my van.

   The best way to learn to paint animals is do draw them first, once from the side, once from the front, once from the back and once from the top.  This way you can learn their bone structures. The skeletal form lines should show the bending joints. This goes for any animal, including humans. That's snow on the top of Haleakala mountain. This is a lousy image, sorry, back then (1978) I was saving bytes.

In my sketch book while I was here in this cow field I drew the cow skeleton, knowing that I would never need the skeleton from below I drew a young cow jumping over the moon.

Kaupo Cow

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edu., art: Paint anything in front of you with accurate colors. Use a new, different, color wheel and palette that matches light and shadows with pigments.