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"en plein air is painting on location"

Kaupo view of the Big Island

acrylic on linen panel, 5.5x7.5

This is a good size to warm up with, it's easy to finish in a day. Some times I paint this size or smaller getting ready for the same scene in a larger painting. My basic size is 22x30, the size of a water color paper. I cut that in half to get 22x15, than cut that in half to get a 11x15, than a 7.5x11, than a 5.5x7.5. I think I paint more of this smallest size than all others. Sometimes this smallest size takes two or three days on location to finish.

I'm not into it for the money, people always pay more for a larger painting, even if it only takes a day to paint. It's the practice that makes you good and getting good is what it's all about, I think.

Kaupo view of the Big Island

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