3 Primary Colors

Pioneer Inn, Captain Statue, Lahaina

58.htm, Maui, 22x30 Acrylic on panel

This sculpture by Harry Reims of Ulapalakua was made with Bondo on a wooden and wire frame. He made the whole crew of a whaling boat, this is The Captain with my dog Jim.

First I acrylic gel glued a canvas to an 1/8 inch plywood panel. Use mahogany or birch, then spatula on the acrylic gesso. Sand it smooth and sponge brush on a thinner coat. The last coat should be the thinnest, sand it very smooth with 300 or 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper on a sanding block. It can get a nice sheen on it.

58, Lahaina Pioneer Inn, Maui, Acrylic

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Jimmy doesn't see the cat yet..
colour cat