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Painting Maui Hawaii en Plein Air

Rose Vase Still Life

water color, 15x22, Maui, Hawaii

95.htm, No medium is faster than water colors, this one only took an hour. Well maybe pastels are as fast, but you need sooo many colors and different hardnesses. I think I have over 400 colors in my sets. One fateful day, in my van I dropped one of my three art boxes and took 2 hours to put them back in position. Then, as I was putting it away I hit the steering wheel with it and dropped them again.

I think this is a painting from the 70's, I painted it in Lahaina and the next day Steven Sands came over and played the piano that was in the apartment. I still think it's funny that I dropped the pastels twice, it happened up in Poli Poli.

For a very good selection of water colors and their brands go to the Painting on Location section.

#95, Rose Vase Still Life, water color, 15x22

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