Painting on Location
After Image Colors, Optical Simultaneous Contrast.
This is a unique opportunity teaching color with animation on the web.

After image colors are involuntary.
What a statement!  What does it mean?
Put a Magenta light on in the dark, stare at it for a second and turn it out.
The green light after image is almost as bright.

That was an exact opposition, a complementary color shift within a black background. The same colors and oppositions exist in the pigment color wheel

Now here is a real treat. A white background with a color flashing on it. The After Image you see of that color is the complementary color of the original color. They all match the Real Color Wheel.

What color are you involuntarily perceiving after staring at the center of this Red chip when it disappears. Stare at the center of each color chip through at least 3 or 4  rotations to believe what you are seeing. The color you perceive as the after image is the real opposite color.

Scroll down for the colors, I left white space, so center the chip in white.

Red square, Cyan (Thalo Blue) after image

 Scroll down

Green square,  Magenta after image

Yellow square, Ultramarine Blue after image.

Magenta square, Green after image.


Blue square, yellow after image.


Cyan square, red after image.

Perceived color, why does a neighboring color affect another color?

Color retention, Latent color, after Image.

This next demonstration is about adjacent color influences.
Below is red background with a green chip inserted, the chip disappearing. 
As an after effect, since green is not the complementary color of red, the true complementary color of green adds its own color to the red. In effect adding a cooler magenta to the red where the green was.


Irritating colors

Below is a red background with its true complement as the center chip.
Notice when the cyan chip disappears there is no change of hue to the
background red.

Complementary colors, opposite on the Real Color Wheel.


Colors taught today as the basic color wheel are wrong,
red and green, orange and blue, and yellow and violet are not pleasant to look at.
The basic color wheel taught today is wrong.
Red next to Green is going to cause a disruptive influence.
When I went to college, they said colors vibrated this way because they were opposite and complementary.
The teachers are still taught that way and told to teach that way today.

Magenta and Green side by side will not cause this disharmony,
they are the real opposite and complementary colors.

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