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Mar 10th, 2007 at 7:42pm

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March 10, 2007

Don Jusko, Real Color Wheel
1057 Makawao Ave. A203
Makawao - Maui
Hawaii, 96768

Subject: Review of Real Color Wheel System
Dear Mr. Jusko:
I was delighted to receive your Real Color Wheel system for review.
Below is a copy of my review for your perusal.  Upon approval this will be submitted this week
to TCM reviews for publication.

a.k.a Qetesh
Freelance Writer/ Reviewer

Reviewer’s Name :  Qetesh
Title of Publication: Real Color Wheel
Author: Don Jusko
Copyright- Don Jusko
Genre: Art

              Artist Don Jusko has devised a new color system that will revolutionize the way artists view and use color.  His system uses 36 hues that have been derived from a keen observation of nature and how the elements in crystalline structures combine to create neutral darks.  This system is unique because it does not rely on black pigment to mix shadow colors, which often results in poor mixes, muddied color blends and dull lifeless tones. 
              He has a full training course for the New Color Wheel online at realcolorwheel.com.
      You will not only learn about his color system. He has step-by-step painting instruction and tips that illustrate his proven system in action.  Whether you are a photographer, digital artist, novice painter or seasoned professional, you will find something of value to enhance your work.  Detailed color analysis, paint formulas used by the old masters, and aerial perspective color analysis are just a few of the many items that he provides that are invaluable to the serious artist.  The beauty of this system is that it produces vibrant, correct color mixes and it is simple to learn and teach. You will not be left alone as you learn. He hosts a forum for anyone using his system where you can ask questions, gain further help and guidance as well as post your own experiences.  For a meager fee you can purchase a laminated copy of his color wheel and a CD of his entire course to have on hand as valuable reference tool.  This is a groundbreaking achievement for color theory that will change the way artists view and mix color.
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