Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Fresco and Secco
Little Bella

1-7-4, Full-size, I started at 12:30 PM in the afternoon, laying in the second coat of mortar over a dry rough coat, 1 lime, 2 sand. This is my intonaco topcoat, I thought it would be dry in 30 minutes, ha, it was 6 o'clock before I could start transferring the image, 12:30 AM before it was done. I didn't want to work at night but I had to. I left the shadows of the figure for secco.

The spoon edge transferring was finished and I wanted to pounce the halo with white pigment, but it didn't show up and I didn't want to use a dark pigment so I used a dulled nail to score the 3 circles around her head.

To test the colors dry before you use them in secco, dip the end of a piece of white school chalk into the wet color, it will dry fast.

dry test on chalk

12 hours later it was finished, the 'good fresco or buon fresco' as a fresco is called when done in one setting.
This is terrible and I can't fix it. Buon Fresco is a one shot only medium. Secco Fresco is a lessor medium and the two shouldn't be confused.

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