Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Alcohol, Ammonia, Egg, Casein

What works and what doesn't work.

Alcohol does not mix with lime water, ammonia does.
Alcohol destroys egg.
Alcohol does not dissolve alum.
Alcohol and water don't mix.
Ammonia and alum mix well.
Ammonia and casein mix well.
Ammonia and egg mix making no clumps and a thicker translucent egg that behaves well.

Thalo Blue does not mix well in ammonia it turns gray, it disperses in alcohol or egg.
Thalo Blue mixes well in alcohol, store it wet in alcohol, dry it on the palette first to paint in fresco.
Paint in secco in a 1:1 egg-yolk-in-water/lime water medium.
Thalo Green does not mix well in ammonia, it turns gray.
Thalo Green mixes well in alcohol, store it wet in alcohol, dry it on the palette and paint in fresco.
Paint in secco with a 1:1- egg-yolk-in-water and lime water medium.
Quinacridone Red disperses well in alcohol, ammonia and egg.
Paint in secco, 1:1 egg yolk in water/lime water. Let the alcohol dry out of the paint you put out on your palette, grind it with your palette knife and add the medium.
Quinacridone Magenta disperses well in ammonia, paints secco well with egg yolk 1:1 in water/lime water or acrylic medium.
Alizarin Crimson disperses in alcohol or ammonia, paint secco in egg yolk 1:1 in water/lime water or casein or acrylic medium.

For Secco:
Mix in two parts, for secco murals, made fresh daily.
1.  Egg yolk and water mixed 1:1, grind all your secco pigment in this. The yolk yellow color will disappear. Add alum to make the egg waterproof.
After the wet pigment is alcohol dry, add a mixture of this media to the dry pigment, egg yolk in water, alum and lime water. Alum makes the egg waterproof and lime (or plaster) get hard faster.

Casein mixed with alum expands the alum but doesn't dissolve it. Don't use them together.
Casein and limewater strengthen the secco pigment bond like egg does. Egg can't be painted over with new egg colors easily, the gloss beads the new paint. Casein over casein works well.

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