Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Maui 4,000' Sunset
5x7, acrylic on panel

Jacaranda 2, 3,500 Ft.

15x22, acrylic on panel

June 5th, 2005

Tonight I set up my palette for tomorrow's work. Just as I put everything away and Blam! This sunset appears. Should I unpack? I sit .. and sit. I don't know what got over me but all of a sudden it was a flurry of action. Pouring water, set up the easel, grab my palette, brushes, pour out my white on top of my box palette and let my breath out. Relax, enjoy. These sundogs are streaking, bright. How many minutes do I have? What's going to happen to me? I grab a flattened out #10 sable and dive into the white, yellow and orange, and paint in the streaks. All the rays are pointing to the sun behind the clouds which are bands of color. Gone, I had five minutes and now I have to add the tree line and grassy area, they didn't change too much. I signed it while it was wet.

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9 AM, Charcoal drawing of Jacaranda 2, 3,500 Ft. acrylic.
I picked my center line and aimed my easel at it. Making sure the picture was level and the image was even with the top edge of my panel.

5 hours on location. By the end of the day I had 100% coverage.  It was pretty even cloud coverage.  I'll photograph it again in the morning when I'm finished today.
This is my basic tree painting technique. I devide the tree in three, the background, the branches in the middle and the foreground. The tree, looking at it from the top is a dome circle. Devide it in half on a concentric ring around you. Now you have the half you see in front of you, the dark insides of the back section and the branches that are in the middle of the dome.
First draw the tree's main outline, the trunk and main branches. Paint the inside of the dome or backside of the tree, add the trunk and branches on top of this background, then the outside of the tree, the part that's facing you, the highlights. Done.
The next morning the sky was perfect, here is day 1.
Day 2, June 7th, 2001
This is day three, tomorrow it should be finished.
Jean Booth joined me today, here is her first day raged in, in oils.
Day 4,
Day 4. 9:51 Sunday morning.
The clouds are co-operating. 10:00 and it's overcast.
1:30 and it's raining. Nice to be in the van. 
I won't get finished today but I got a lot done.
4:30 Finished for the day.

Day 5
Arrived at 7:00, the sun's rising made all the object outlines on the trees visible one at a time so this was the perfect time to add corrective outlines in chalk.
This image has the big tree chalk corrections only. 
The red bouginvilla was moved an inch to the right also and that was in chalk.
By 9:30 I was typing this on the computer. 
I have already whited out my mistakes, twice, it takes two coats in acrylics.
It's 2:30 now and it's starting to rain so..
I'm heading up to Hosgrove at 7,000 ft.
Here is day five's image.

Jacaranda 3,500 Ft. Elevation, Maui, Hi. The highest jacaranda on Maui.

Jacaranda 3,000 Ft.

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