Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Jacaranda Trees
Keokea, Maui, #897

15x22 Acrylic on Panel, April 24th 2003

Day 1, I am using Liquitex Gloss Blending and Painting Medium and like it. I like it better then dipping my brush in water to replenish. It's the bright yellow green an purple combination of color that makes this painting for me. It's hard to make this color in acrylics because there is no opaque tube color like it. It's hard to make with translucent pigments.
Day 1
Day 2, I love this acrylic medium. It slows down the drying and allows a slight amount of re-wetting so you and soften edges. I can touch areas I never could before. It's really amazing! Something that was only available to oil painters that know how to make mediums. It's better then dipping into water because you never get too much. I'm hooked, even though I lose a little opacity.

Day 3, I still don't have 100% coverage yet. I had a headache today and it slowed me down. The good side is, that group of trees in the background is adding more blooming trees every day.

day 3
Day 4, I don't believe it but I changed the painting to a morning picture, it took from 8:30 to 2:00 just to white out the 3:00 colors. This guy came by to see if his house was in the painting. Surprise! His house is only noticeable in the morning, what the heck, I changed it. I'm here for the fun of it. The longer I stay at this location the more purple will show up in the background grove of trees. The morning sun is much cooler.
Day 4

Day 4, that left me the second half of the day. I did a small 5.5x7.5 one with a palette knife in oil. 04-23-03

Painting Knife
Day 5, another oil painting with a knife this afternoon. I like this routine of acrylic in the morning and oil in the afternoon. This painting is 7.5x11, 04-24-03
Day 5, I'm just about where I was on day 2. The only thing that stays the same is the drawing. The light is from the opposite side and every color is different. I cooled down all the light yellow-green areas with a glaze of a light green tint. The Gloss Blending and Painting Medium really came in handy.
Day 5

Day 6, May 2, The afternoon's oil, about 100 yards away. From the main painting. 7.5x11.
Use more then one style of knife.

Day 6, These are the morning colors. Compare the two.
Day 6
Day 3, afternoon colors.
Day 3

Day 7, That's a little photo color test bar I made at the bottom. This morning I captured the 7:30 light and shadows. This painting has seen some changes..
Day 7

Day 9, 7:30, bright and early on location to finish this one.
Day 9
The pale cool colors of morning.
Morning Jacaranda Trees in Keokea

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