Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Ulupalakua Church of
Saint James the Less

15x22 Acrylic paint on Panel
4-25-03, #891

church drawing
Day 1&2, Day one was the charcoal drawing. Day two I converted the charcoal to a burnt umber acrylic lines with the greatest liner brush in the world, the Isabey #6, Series 6318. The perfect Kolinsky Extra hairs are an inch and a eighth long and point to one hair.

The blue line is the Horizon Line which I had to find by by using the level buildings horizontal structures. The church's image is 40 degrees visual, the churches Vanishing Points are 90 degrees apart on the Horizon Line, as are all rectangle boxes. I mark the Vanishing Points in the view, as it happened the church was one width, another width to the right is the right vanishing point, the left V.P. is three church widths to the left. Tomorrow I'll add the background trees and start painting.

Here is the whole perspective layout. New Window.
The church perspective lines reach out to 90 degrees on the horizon line.
Another page about perspective was done in 2001, New Window lahwaineechurch.htm
Another page about perspective, terrestrial V.P. New Window keokeachurch.htm

Day 3
Day 3, I painted in the sky with the first coat, the fence with white, the church with the sunlit color minus the shadows, that took four and a half hours. Day 4 it rained. There was plenty of cleaning up to keep me busy though.
Day 5, Not much sun today, I just had to jump around and get as many shadow colors and angles as I could. I'm really looking forward to 100% coverage.
Day 5
Detail from Day 5. None of the shadows are deep enough in croma but it's starting to take shape. Funny, when the sun is shining it's a very bright picture, but gloomy in the rain.
Day 6, Perfect conditions! My Picture time is from 7:00 to 9:00, the light is gone by 9:00.
Day 6
Day 7, I spent the day up in the trees and removing all drawing lines, tomorrow I want the grass, road and fence. 
Day 7
Day 8, It's really fun now. Because I work with opposition colors (New Window) to make the shadow colors, this is fun and easy. All of the color oppositions of a 36 color wheel are in play. Magenta and green, add magenta and get the green shadows. Orange and cobalt blue, tint it with white for a full range of orange to blue shadows. Brown and ultramarine blue, the colors in the road. Cyan and red, I'll be using the blue side of this combination. Yellow-green and purple is all over this picture.
Day 8
Day 9,  Shadows are what it was all about today. I have to capture that extreme contrast I saw the morning I drove around a bend and saw this church. It really impressed me.

Day 9

Day 10, I really like Liquitex's Acrylic Blending and Painting Medium. It's the best and I can't recommend it high enough.
Day 10
Day 11, Now is an enjoyable time, I feel great. One tree I have to work on and the white outlines around arched windows.


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