Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Kula Bananas and a Straw Hat

5.5x7.5 Acrylic on Panel

11:00 Photo

Charcoal and paint drawing
A charcoal drawing with paint lining. The brush is an Isabey Script Liner. The best in the business and it does the best job.

We took a coffee break here, at about 80% coverage.
To get this very cool I'm using Manganese Blue and Yellow Light Hansa for the greens.

This is actual size, 5.5"x7.5" = 41.25 sq. in. it took 7 hours.
I just finished the Hana Dirt Road, with Emily's dad, Tom Booth. 36"x48", 1728 sq. in.
It took one week at 4 hours per day = 28 hours.
7 28 = 4,
41.25 1728 = 41.90. = 42 times bigger and only four times longer.
It's all in the size of the brushes.

Today I am painting with my friend Jean Giorgano-Booth at her house
in Kula, about 2,500 feet in elevation.
She is painting in oil on canvas, 11x14


Daughter Emily Booth colored in her drawing.
She is 19 and comes from a very artistic family.
Both Jean and Tom booth went to the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art.
I was about 50 miles away at the Trenton Academy of Fine Art.


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