Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Nahiku Driveway, on DVD

Watercolor, 15x22, Arches Cold Pressed

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It's always a good idea to warm up to a medium. This was my warm up. I was driving from Kaupo to Nahiku the long way and stopped to paint this little w/c on the way. It shows the 3 correct primaries, transparent yellow, magenta and cyan.

5x7 watercolor

I'm making a DVD movie of this painting. It started without any drawing other than thin paint. First I wet down the whole page to remove any extra sizing from the surface. While it was wet I laid in the lightest tints of each pattern and let it dry. That was my drawing.

day 1, Nahiku Driveway W/C

From there I keep adding color to define shapes and shadows using a big #36 Goliath White Sable.

Here is a detail two and a half days into it. The deep shadow colors of green are magenta and green.

This is at the end of day two.

The end of day three.

The end of day four.

Yesterday it rained again, no painting. But I got a lot done today.

Today was mostly washes with the primaries.

A lot of detail and bush trimming today.

The right side is close to finished.



The next day Tom and I did these watercolors on 5.5x7.5 Arches cold pressed.

We sat down to paint. Tom would be hand holding his and I'm using a table easle. By the time I got my drawing finished he was this far along.

I was here and he was gone :) He's working on his house.

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