Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Nahiku Landing
Maui Hawaii

This is the first day painting the landing in acrylics. I'm using a mahogany panel covered with a synthetic cloth glued on with a polyvinyl acrylic (PVA). For more information on making panels go here. The size of this painting is 22x30.

I'm going to enlarge this painting in the studio and finish it on location.

Back in the studio the image was transferred to a blank 32x48 1/4" birch panel covered with synthetic cloth canvas and primed with acrylic gesso. See Getting started for more information on making panels.

The horizontal bar stick is in place to make the horizon line curve perfectly symmetrical.

These were the brushes used to lay in the colors the first day on the large painting.
A 4" foam brush, wooden handle USA brand. For the sky.
A #5 Langnickel Series 134, 1 1/2" length sable hair, round ferrule flat end. To cut the horizon line.
A large 1" Langnickel black sable Blitz Fitch, and a  3/4" Blitz Fitch. For the basic big blends.
And the hair drier, not shown. I wouldn't want to paint in the studio without a hair drier

The second day on the large painting only. 

It's now ready to be brought up to the next days work on the thumbnail.

Three new brushes were added the second day for tighter blending control.
A 1/2" Langnickel series 3080 "Combo" to 'draw with'. 
A 1" Langnickel Series 6080 "Nocturne". This one is like a squirrel hair wash blender.
A #4 Isaby Special, Series 62277, sable, 1/2" round ferrule flat end.

Small painting on 9-30-02, one day on location the large painting is two days in the studio, 10-01-02.
The large layout is finished and large passages of color in place.

The large painting day 1 on location on a panel that took two days in the studio.

drawing chalk on acrylic
Back in the studio I start working out the waves on a grid draw in with white chalk.

I'll have to remove the center wave if I'm to have a large first wave with a splash.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going backwards,
but it's ready to go back on location again. I'll finish this page after the next session.
I never did finish that painting, it's in my closet.
I see that I didn't put a date on it when I started, typical.
I see by the van it was the one before the one I have now,
that has to be at least 10 years ago.
9-13-15, it's out of my closet and in my studio, finally.
Tom Booth is visiting on one if the islands in Portland so I'll finish it at home.
1-18-16, it's still setting there, the chalk is on, it's waiting but I'm doing other things, it's "on my list" though.
I see it every day. Tom will be back in August. Maybe I should bring the painting when I visit Nahiku and finish it.
Maybe Emily will want to come, she likes to paint. New window.

2-25-16 I photographed the finished Nahiku Landing painting today.
#870A, finished 2-21-16, started in 2007, that's 10 years ago! I want to hang up my palette when I'm 75, 5-20-16.

For page one on drawing waves, go here. New window.

Day One on location.

Day three, covered with plastic during a squall.
Notice that the umbrella is painted black (black gesso). This gives a clean shadow, I don't like glare,
sun spots or added colors on the working surface.

This is Tom Booth working on his painting.

That's my van in the background, next to where I'm setup doing this painting.
Tom has been working on location for three days, he is a very fast painter that pays attention to details.

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