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Painting on Location

What's a Throw Down?

A throw down is this. Two or more artists paint the same settings with the same palette on the same size canvas, the first one finished throws down their painting and everyone stops. It's a great way to end the day. Don sat, Tom stood he's really fast. Tom will be gone for 3 months, I'll miss him, I don't know anyone that can paint as well.

We both used the three primaries he was taught at the Pennsylvania School of Art Academy in Philadelphia many years ago, opaque red, yellow and blue instead of the the printer's transparent primaries, magenta, cyan and yellow.

You can't make green with ultramarine blue, you need the printers' color cyan. Today we have this cyan in pigment, the ASTM calls the color blue, as in Pigment-Blue 15, PB15. Just so you know, ultramarine blue is 50% magenta and 50% cyan. You can't make the color cyan with any pigments pre-1950. Phthalocyanine was invented in 1907 and patented in 1926.

Don JuskoTom Booth

Here is the second night, I wish we had started this sooner. I picked the subject and I put my limes in a glass, next time we will both paint the same subject at the same time, I'm new at this. We will both use the real primaries like our normal paintings. I never got really started and he was done.

Tom BoothDon Jusko

Here is the velvet stoop with Tom and Emily's chicken on it and my start of a little painting.

photo of moss covered stoopDon painting

Emily and Tom painting the chicken.


Emily's rosterTom's roster

Tom Booth, Avocados. He won the "throw-down 9-29-14" also.

Tom's avocadoTom Booth's avocado & bananas

Tube Oil Colors matching the RCW

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